Additive Manufacturing Forum 2017 – Technical Conference

Conference „3D printing – trends, experience and business opportunities“ is a key annual event for everybody, who is interested in using innovative technologies for more effective product development and production. This year we place great emphasis on success stories, experience of users and real benefits from using 3D technologies. Conference „3D printing – trends, experience and business opportunities“ is the only one of its kind in the region of middle Europe in terms of its scale and significance, with participation of leading industrial companies and producers of 3D printing products and services. Our all-day conference takes place on October 10, 2017 in Brno as one of highlights of traditional International Engineering Fair in congress pavilion E, hall E1.

Targets of conference

  • Introduction of trends in areas of additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping
  • Presentation of best practices from AM projects realised locally and globally
  • Development of business opportunities for those interested in using innovative 3D technologies

Target audience

  • Suppliers in automotive, plastics industry, foundry industry, prototyping etc.
  • Managers of companies concerned with product development and production
  • Engineers, designers and users of 3D software for engineering
  • Serious applicants for 3D technologies

Selected topics of conference from previous years

  • Rapid prototyping of luxury sports car using Catia V6 and 3D printers from Stratasys
  • The first bike frame produced from titanium via metal 3D printing by Renishaw
  • Design and development of parts for space probe by European Space Agency
  • Usage of DMLS for creation of conformal cooling channels in injection moulding

and much more…

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Pořadatel & organizátor

Pořadatelem konference je Ing. Jan Homola, odborný konzultant pro oblast aditivní výroby a viceprezident Klastru aditivní výroby. Organizaci konference zajišťuje společnost Vydavatelství Nová média, s. r. o., se sídlem Bašty 413/2, 602 00 Brno, IČ: 02390132, DIČ: CZ02390132.
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